Meet Emma (Stitch Gawd)


Emma McKee—better known by her Stitch Gawd pseudonym—is an artist’s artist. Her cross-stitching blends old school methods with contemporary designs and concepts, giving each and every piece she does its own, unique feeling and flare. Since cementing her trademark style within the Chicago rap scene—with hand-made pieces done for the likes of Chance, Vic Mensa, Smino and even artists outside of the city like SZA and Kendrick Lamar—the spotlight on her talent has only gotten brighter, and not to mention more versatile.

As she expands beyond solely fashion and design, Stitch Gawd proves more and more in both her business and the way she does it, she continues to prove what it means to be an artist’s artist: making things that reflect the talent and style of those they’re made in mind for. Furthermore, she doesn't sell the pieces that she creates for these artists -  but instead, creatively requests their musical talents with song features and beats, and visual arts. With this culmination of art and music, she plans to release her own tape tilted the ‘Stitch Tape’ which in her words would be “a dynamic musical project that speaks to Chicago’s — and current rap’s — endless artistic talent”.

Check out more of her work at (instagram: @thestitchgawd) and peep her curated ‘Fresh 30’ playlist below - which features some of her favorite songs and artists over the past couple of years.

Alexandra Miller